Flexible working, working from home, telecommuting are on my mind a lot recently.

I love it how we are slowly but steadily putting work back where it belongs – as something we have to do to earn a living and something that we (hopefully) enjoy doing ALONGSIDE other very important things.

When my start time is flexible, I feel that I have actually lived before I even open my laptop. I do not have to rush. I do not get stressed.

This morning I had time to chat with my husband and wave him off on his bike. I had patience for my child. We cycled to school together. I could stay and watch him write – you only learn to write once in your life, and it is a fascinating skill to learn. I had time to listen to him read, ditto. We didn’t forget his water bottle. (Achievement). I had time to chat to a friend.

I came to my laptop relaxed and refreshed with lots of exciting ideas and hunger for work. It will be a productive day. It feels good.

Why is this not the norm yet? This is 2018, we are not assembling stuff on a conveyor belt.

More and more candidates ask me if the employer offers flexibility. It doesn’t cost anything but it can be the best thing a company can do for an employee’s happiness… with a massive return on investment in productivity, loyalty and employee engagement.