3 Steps to Prepare For an Interview

Getting ready for an interview and nervous about it? There is nothing better to calm nerves than the feeling of being well-prepared.

Here are three steps that our applicants find useful:


Research the company and the people you are meeting. Sources to use: company website, company blog, LinkedIn (and sometimes even Facebook or Instagram) profiles of the hiring manager and other interviewers.

This info will help build rapport with the person in front of you – perhaps through discovering a common passion, be it cycling, exotic travelling or being a mom.

Role play

Practice answering CV- and competency-based questions with your partner or a friend. 

Get them to ask you the standard interview questions, the question you are most afraid of and the notorious “What brings you here?”.

It doesn’t have to be long – whether 10 minutes or an hour, you will be surprised how helpful you will find it.

If you haven’t been to an interview for a long time it is a good idea to try to more or less to learn your CV by heart – this way you will be able to focus on answering questions rather than searching for suitable examples of achievements or getting sidetracked. This will also prevent going into too much unnecessary detail.

Your fit for the role

Identify the key points that make you a better fit for the role than the other applicants. This is where you will need both the job ad text and the job specification. Ask your recruiter what kind of candidates there are in the process and how you compare to them.

Also it’s a good idea to ask your friends and colleagues about what they value about you at work and in private life.

What makes you good at what you do? What makes you a great friend? Your strengths may be not so obvious to you.

These three simple steps should help you kick off your preparation and hopefully enjoy your interviews.