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How a specialist legal recruiter can help build your career

Searching for the next best step in your career can be one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks. 

However, working with a specialist legal recruiter can help alleviate much of the stress associated with making the leap.

Inside information

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a specialist legal recruiter is gaining inside information. 

When cold applying to job advertisements, it can be challenging to understand the employer’s culture and reputation objectively. 

Using a recruiter is especially useful if you’re trying to be cautious about your next move and advance your career.

Companies usually work with good recruiter continuously. Your recruiter has placed people into that in-house legal teams before, so can give you insight into the culture. 

This approach provides you with more information, making it less of a risk since you understand what you’re getting into before applying. 

Job ads can’t list all facets of a role, so by contacting a recruiter and exploring the position, you have an opportunity to uncover information that can be career-changing.

Direct access to hiring managers

When applying online, CVs tend to get lost in the inbox, and you may never receive feedback, even if the role was perfect for you. Working with a recruiter increases your chances of getting seen by the hiring manager. We have relationships with hiring managers and can guarantee that your CV won’t disappear into a black hole.

Accessing hidden roles

Looking for a new role is a full-time job itself, and it’s easy to miss opportunities if you’re also working full-time and trying to get your CV out there on your own.

Seventy-five percent of our opportunities don’t get advertised, but they are exciting roles that our hiring managers are looking to fill. When we introduce you, we create an opportunity that may have never been visible to you.

The right fit for you

Finding the right fit is essential, and when you get in touch, we discuss your personal preferences. 

We inquire about the type of work you love or hate, the culture you prefer, the qualities you look for in your manager and colleagues, your desired work-life balance, and what level of remuneration would work for you.

This conversation is why it’s so important to chat on the phone. A role may look perfect on paper, but in real life may not be suitable for you.

Let you recruiter work for you

Partnering with a specialist legal recruiter provides you with personal recommendations, keeps you aware of suitable opportunities that might not be available online, and gives you someone to advocate for you in the application process. 

Find the right specialist recruiter for your sector, role, and geographical reach, tell them what you’re looking for, and keep your ears open for the perfect opportunity.