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Store Your CV in the Cloud

You never know when you might need your CV. Even if you are not looking for a new role. Quite a few people called me recently saying that someone forwarded to them this or that in-house role that we are advertising (it’s that New Year New Job time of the year). So they call me on the spot.

We start chatting, they like the role, happy to be put forward – and then we arrive at “Do you have your CV ready?”. Oh, I am travelling and the CV is on my computer in another country!


Often it’s not a problem and we can wait for the CV for a few days.

But on other occasions it may be a little more time sensitive.

It’s when the role is perfect for you, you are perfect for the role but you join the process when the employer is about to make an offer to someone they have been interviewing for a few weeks.

Speed matters in these scenarios. A couple of hours can make a huge difference to you career, income and happiness.

As little a detail as it is, I wanted to share this suggestion – store your CV in Google Docs or on email it to yourself or use some other Cloud storage that works for you.

Be prepared for your dream job to find you.