4 Things Legal Recruiters Look For On Your LinkedIn Profile

A specialist legal recruiter can put you in front of dream opportunities.

This is especially true for niche and more senior roles because there are legal teams who prefer not to advertise their vacancies. Some organisations cannot do it for political reasons, for example government companies in the UAE who are under public pressure to rely on local talent.

Recruiters are paid by employers, so it is in their direct interest to find the best qualified candidate for the role.

You may well be that person, but in order to get noticed, you have to show that you meet the qualification requirements for such roles.

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What Makes a Successful In-House Counsel?

Being good at your job is a multi-faceted accomplishment, and even more so for in-house counsel. What makes a good in-house lawyer? What qualities should you cultivate to ensure you are successful? Across companies, we asked various GCs what they have learned and seen in their years in the industry. Here are key steps that make for a successful in-house attorney:

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