Find your new In-House Legal role in Tech

Life changing in-house roles in tech

75% of hires for our clients come from passive candidates.
These are people who have not been actively looking for a new role.

Just because you are not currently looking for a new job, does not mean that you will not want to hear about an opportunity that could further enhance your career, earnings or long term goals.

If you feel that you have outgrown your current role, are seeking an in-house role with better prospects or are looking to leave private practice behind, you will be able to find your perfect next role through us.

What can you expect from us?

Specialist expertise

Found Legal recruit exclusively for in-house legal teams. Our inside knowledge of in-house legal market in tech will serve as your guide to finding the right in-house role.

World-class roles across EMEA, APAC and Americas

Access top in-house legal roles at major global technology companies and fast growing scale-ups, featuring career opportunities, vetted company culture, genuine leadership, relocation opportunities, remote working and excellent work-life balance.

Niche in-house legal network in tech

With 75,000+ company followers on LinkedIn and 13,500+ tech lawyers in our direct network, we provide unique access to top tech employers from fast growing SaaS companies to Fortune 100 tech multinationals.

We can advise you on the roles that offer the best match to your skills, experience, personality and life circumstances so you can achieve and fulfil your potential in your new in-house role.

Support and guidance

We have strong relationships with the legal teams we recruit for so we can always advise whether a certain organisation would be the best fit to your skills, experience and aspirations.

We co-negotiate the offer and advocate for you. We provide you with salary match and relocation tools, offering counsel and advice. You will receive extensive preparation for interviews, resignations and counter offers.

Open communication

We offer direct, transparent communication throughout the process regarding the company, legal team, manager, compensation, culture and your candidacy.

Full confidentiality

We act on a strictly confidential basis and will never share your CV or any other details until you decide to be put forward for a specific opportunity.


Please feel free to reach out via LinkedIn or email.